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Ken Evoy has created a point and click system that helps you develop, build, host, promote, and sell info-products and services, as well as promote other people's products and services via affiliate links.

Ľou do not need anything else to make money as Site Build It does it all!


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TOP 10 Affiliate Referral Income Tools

The WebWorker's TOP 10 AFFILIATE TOOLS are based upon the personal participation with each tool and program. We do not place any company or tool on the TOP 10 list until they have proven themselves to be a quality tool or company that PAYS its affiliates. This is a very important aspect as their are unfortunately many unscrupulous businesses that promise the world but deliver nothing! If it is on our TOP 10 list, you can be sure that up to now they are worthy of being here.

Affiliate TOP 10 Tools

1. AWEBER...A Revolution in Automated email Autoresponders!

AUTOMATED email AUTORESPONDER ... Powerful Automated email Autoresponders that Follow Up: Imagine a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential ustomers and then personalizes follow up with them automatically over the coming days,weeks, and months. Having an automated system to send email information and follow up with potential customers will save you time and money, maximize your marketing efforts, keep you organized, and make you a ton of money.A special e-mail, autoresponder that automatically sends out reminders. Like a fax-on-demand, it's a highly useful marketing tool. Sometimes it takes seven follow-ups before you achieve a sale. This tool saves time and increases your sales. Take a FREE test drive! You can earn 20% commissions on your sales which includes monthly reoccuring charges. A two tier payout system also lets you earn 10% on sales of other webmasters. Referral Income has been participating with Aweber since 1999 ...... Connect to Aweber's Automated email Autoresponder Info by taking a FREE TEST DRIVE.

Powered by AWeber

Become an Aweber Affiliate... and earn 20% commissions on each sale for as long as that customer continues to purchase autoresponder services (monthly basis for lifetime). You can also earn 10% of 2nd tier commissions on each sale that your affiliate's affiliate sells for lifetime. Just go to this LINK and then select under PARTNERS, the affiliate signups.

2. LINKSHARE ...This affiliate manager also has an affiliate link

LinkShare UK Referral Program

3. PTEL ..What is Ptel?

PTel Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider. PTel Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network. Wherever there is T-Mobile, there is PTel Mobile. PTel has an agreement with T-Mobile, to use their network, but PTel manages all its customers on its own. T-Mobile simply allows PTel Mobile to use their network. PTel Mobile is commonly referred to as a T-Mobile MVNO

What cell phones are compatible with PTel Mobile?

T-Mobile cell phones are most compatible with PTel Mobile, since PTel Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile cell phones should work perfectly with PTel Mobile, and should not require unlocking. All unlocked GSM cell phones (cell phones that require a SIM card) will work with PTel Mobile, but while calling, texts, and internet will work, some cell phone features may not work fully or at all if using an unlocked GSM device.

CLICK HERE to sign up as an affilate.

4. NEW "BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE"...Do you need the tools to get your business online in such a way that you can actually earn an income?
Here is a completely new way.... a simple, dirt-cheap and even FUN way to grow income online. Find out how you can obtain your own profit-generating web business. If you have been unsure how to go about doing this, you MUST see this site...CLICK HERE!

5. ADSENSE...A Revolution in Web Site Monetization!
Google's AdSense is a tailor-made Way to Monetize Your SBI! Site!... Rarely will a custom-made solution be dropped into your lap (let alone from the Net's smartest company), just begging you to capitalize. Ride Google AdSense for all its worth. Send visitors to THE word on how to get the most from AdSense...

CLICK HERE on how to get the most from Google's Adsense.... (No eMail address is required to look at this information!)

6. AMAZON ...Don't overlook these guys.
These guys have had an affiliate program since 1996 (one of the first to do so). Go to Amazon Affiliate Program.

7. WEBMASTERS ...Build your clients a website that WORKS!
Your design work is sharp and creative. Your clients like your sites. But they ask... "So how do I get traffic?" It's time to convert your satisfied clients into raving fans. Experienced Webmasters are catching on to Site Build It! ("SBI!"). Its CTPM .... Content, Traffic, PreSelling, Monetizing process is an easy, effective way to build sites that provide your clients with exactly what they want... warm, targeted, willing-to-buy traffic.

Small business people who "do it themselves" are the tip of the iceberg. Webmasters reach the iceberg... if you are one of the Webmasters that do it for others then you are in for a surprise at what Site Buildit can do for you...

CLICK HERE to start your Webmaster Tour.... (No eMail address is required to look at this information!)

Affiliate TOP 10 Programs

You can start earning money today with your website by joining one of the TOP10 affiliate programs located on this site. Thousands of companies now offer affiliate programs as a way of generating traffic and sales for their businesses. These companies will pay you commissions based on the traffic they receive from links you place on your site.

You can choose from our TOP10 lists

  1. lifetime income
  2. pay-per-click
  3. pay-per-lead,
  4. pay-per-sale commission sales or even our
  5. top 10 affiliate organizer list.




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