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Ken Evoy has created a point and click system that helps you develop, build, host, promote, and sell info-products and services, as well as promote other people's products and services via affiliate links.

¥ou do not need anything else to make money as Site Build It does it all!


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HOWDY... Welcome to the Webworker's Lifetime Residual Income Programs, where you "Sign-Up A Customer Once...Get Paid Forever!"

We are dedicated to helping people earn a full time income from the internet. This has been our goal since our inaugural simple website we uploaded in February 1996. In those days it took us almost a month just to get connected since we are Macintosh Users. The small ISPs we were dealing with just had no clue about Macs. Our problem was resolved however when we discovered Earthlink in the summer of 1996.

This website is a never ending development based upon the concept of FREEDOM from working in the traditional employer/employee relationship of the main stream business world. Every thing you will find here, we have participated in ourselves... affiliate referral income programs, get paid to surf programs, multi-level marketing, networking, and selling ecommerce products and services, and now... lifetime residual income programs.


Today there are literally thousands of legitimate businesses that are offering free affiliate programs. Why wouldn't they! They get a free sales force that does all of their marketing and promotion for them. This sales force must continually send leads to the business in order to keep the stream of income flowing. Once you stop sending the leads to them your income stops!

An example of this concept can be shown from one of the most popular affiliates on the internet today ... We have been an affiliate with since 1997 and have made a significant amount of money for them not to mention the thousands of new customers that made their first order from one of our referrals. only pays commissions from the initial link that is sent to them. Once they have this new customer, all future orders from this customer are done without paying any commissions to the affiliate that initially referred the customer to them. will have less and less need to use this affiliate model as they will have the majority of the people online as customers already. It will be harder and harder for new affiliates to find any potential customers for


We are now focusing our promotions on only these type of programs. They are online businesses where each new customer you refer, you earn income from them month after month. That is the true meaning of residual, income that keeps on coming without any additional work on your part. For instance, we are still receiving a monthly income from one of the first customers we signed up with in 1998.

The majority of lifetime income programs have a monthly subscription amount that recurs over and over without any additional work on the affiliates part. There are some rare affiliate programs like Make Your Site Sell (MYSS) that track each customer and pay commissions to the affiliate for the lifetime of their customers purchases. For instance, we sent SITESELL a customer in 1999 that we received commissions for. This same customer purchased a new program offering in the early part of 2001 that we also received commissions for 2 years later.

Please take a look at our featured programs where you
"Sign-Up A Customer Once...Get Paid Forever!"

TOP 10 Lifetime Residual Income Generators


MAKE YOUR SITE SELL..The Five Pillar Program is the affiliate program of SiteSell. They market a range of quality products to help online businesses. To ensure commissions are paid for the life of the customer, SiteSell uses lifetime cookies, an in-depth customer database and cross checking of customer details, making it one of the best tracked and most rewarding programs around.
SiteSell markets six top-quality products:

The Five Pillar Program is two-tier and pays between 15% and 30% commissions on the first tier and, depending on how much your referrals earn, up to 20% on the second. SiteSell releases new products every few months, and achieves high customer return rates by over-delivering their products. Make Your Site Sell is simply the most impressive Affiliate Program we have come across to date! Check out their 5 pillar affiliate program (1999 Affiliate of the Year) with LIFETIME commissions, HIGH 1st time commissions, Team commissions and only a limited number of affiliates will be allowed. We ( have not found another affiliate program that even offers 3 of the 5 affiliate pillars. Webworker has been participating with 5 pillar program since August of 2000

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AUTOMATED AUTORESPONDER ... Powerful Automated Autoresponders that Follow Up: Imagine a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential ustomers and then personalizes follow up with them automatically over the coming days,weeks, and months. Having an automated system to send information and follow up with potential customers will save you time and money, maximize your marketing efforts, keep you organized, and make you a ton of money.A special e-mail, autoresponder that automatically sends out reminders. Like a fax-on-demand, it's a highly useful marketing tool. Sometimes it takes seven follow-ups before you achieve a sale. This tool saves time and increases your sales. Take a FREE test drive! You can earn 20% commissions on your sales which includes monthly reoccuring charges. A two tier payout system also lets you earn 10% on sales of other webmasters. Webworker has been participating with Aweber since 1999 ...

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"Make Money
Selling Subscription-Based Memberships
To Your Web Site!"

  • Completely Turnkey - Ready In Minutes!
  • No Technical Skills Needed - Just Cut And Paste!
  • Password protect any page anywhere
  • Total Automation

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AFFILIATE SHOWCASE... Beware: Affiliate marketing as you know it, is about to change forever. Someone had to do something. After all, only a tiny percentage of affiliates in every program ever make any serious money. The fact is, effective affiliate marketing takes hard work. (Well, at least until today it did.) Connect to Webworker's AFFILIATE SHOWCASE, by CLICKing HERE.



"Make Money
Selling Subscription-Based Memberships
To Your Web Site!"

  • Completely Turnkey - Ready In Minutes!
  • No Technical Skills Needed - Just Cut And Paste!
  • Password protect any page anywhere
  • Total Automation

Learn more and get started today!